Insight Lens for Gen AI Accelerator: 2 weeks


Leverage the power of generative AI in your business, quickly, privately and at scale with Azure OpenAI and Insight Lens.

Generative AI is rapidly changing the way we do business and helping organizations do more with less. Using applications like ChatGPT for corporate use cases raises serious concerns around privacy and security, which can slow adoption and delay valuable innovation. With so many prospective cost savings and process efficiencies tied to generative AI adoption, organizations need to find a way to start adopting generative AI quickly and while ensuring private business data is secured.

Azure® OpenAI® from Microsoft provides businesses with a private high-performance instance in your Azure tenant to help you realize the efficiencies and innovation potential of generative AI — while maintaining security, compliance and governance — across a multitude of operational functions.

How we help

With Insight Lens™ for Gen AI, your business gets to use the power of GPT fast, in a secure, private way with built-in cost management and performance insights. Experience instant productivity gains with a web-based chat app that works on desktop, mobile and Microsoft Teams®.

Our Accelerator with Insight Lens for Gen AI will help you:

Provide secure access to the chat application from browsers, mobile devices and Microsoft Teams.

Kick-start value with targeted chat prompt suggestions.

Manage users and access with Azure Active Directory® integration.

Enable administrators to seamlessly track costs and set budgets.

Secure private install of Azure OpenAI in your tenant, within days.

Track usage and chat history with a performance insights dashboard.

What to expect

After configuring your Azure subscription and gaining access to Azure OpenAI, Insight will deploy the Insight Lens for Gen AI Accelerator. After that, users will be able to privately start new chats and access previous threads, while admins can easily set budgets and manage users to learn how Azure OpenAI can improve your business in all directions.

Need to go further with OpenAI and GPT?

For larger organizations seeking advanced solutions, our Generative AI Accelerator can be extended with additional services tailored for complex data integrations and custom use cases, enhancing your Azure OpenAI installation.

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*Duration may vary based on country of delivery