24x7 SOC Service by Intelequia

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24x7 monitoring, protection and automated response to cyberthreats

Protect the security and integrity of your corporate data and information.

Cyber threats are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, impacting companies of all sectors and sizes. Ensure the integrity of your data and the security of your business information with our next-generation SOC service. In a world where cyber threats advance with rapidly and sophistication, protecting your digital assets becomes an unavoidable priority. With Intelequia's SOC you get 24/7 continuous monitoring, along with automated response to cyber threats, using Microsoft Sentinel as your SIEM, and leveraging the entire Microsoft security suite.

Our team of cybersecurity experts is dedicated to detecting and responding to potential threats, data breaches and security incidents proactively and efficiently. We use advanced Microsoft Sentinel technology to identify unusual behavior, malicious activity and any other signs of intrusion in your systems.

What exactly is a SOC Service?

It is a specialized cybersecurity center that constantly monitors all aspects of your digital infrastructure to detect and mitigate any threats that may arise. From large corporations to government agencies to financial and healthcare institutions, everyone needs to have a SOC in place to ensure the protection of their critical data and systems.

Who needs a SOC?

SOC services are essential for a wide range of organizations and businesses:

  • Large and medium-sized enterprises
  • Government agencies
  • Financial, Health and Education Institutions
  • Critical National Infrastructures

Why is it essential to have a SOC?

Because it provides uninterrupted monitoring, identifies threats in real time and offers a fast and effective response to any security incident. In addition, it employs advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

What do you get when you hire our service?

When contracting our service, the client receives a specific session where the main findings, recommendations and a roadmap for addressing stakeholder concerns are presented. In addition, a concise summary of the assessment results and practical information tailored to management and decision-makers is provided. A strategic roadmap outlining the necessary changes, timelines, dependencies and potential impacts on workloads is also provided, offering a structured guide to improve your organization's security.

Our SOC Service is not only about detecting and responding to threats, but it also focuses on helping your company comply with relevant regulations and standards, such as GDPR in the European Union or HIPAA in the United States. In addition, we provide detailed and accessible reports that allow you to assess security performance.

In an increasingly dangerous digital world, rely on Intelequia's SOC to protect what matters most: your business, your reputation and the trust of your customers and partners.

About Intelequia

With more than 15 years of global experience, we have a team of experts specialized in cybersecurity, Red Team and Blue Team, focused on protecting your information and preventing threats.

Learn about Intelequia's SOC service with Microsoft Sentinel here.