Learn how to use IntelliDocX AL_ACS to create SAP Smart Content Applications on Azure

In this 2 hour Workshop you will learn IntelliDocx's strategy to leverage SAP and Azure interoperability. You will be guided through the different options available in SAP to manage content, how to use IntelliDocx AL_ACS to store documents and metadata on Azure and Office 365 and how to create smart application to access and manage SAP documents, data and processes.

Workshop agenda:

  • Azure resource requirements;
  • How to deploy and configure IntelliDocx AL-ACS on Azure with the Admin Web App;
  • SAP configuration requirements and configuration steps;
  • Azure Content repository configuration for Azure Blobs and SharePoint Online;
  • Creating SAP-enabled content applications with PowerBI, PowerApps and Power Automate;
  • How to migrate existing content servers on Azure.