Free Azure Application Migration Assessment: 1-Wk performed by Intergy Consulting

Intergy Consulting Pty Ltd

Comprehensive Assessment of Existing Custom Software Application for Azure Migration Suitability

A free, no-obligations assessment of your legacy software applications, with respect to suitability and readiness for migration to Azure cloud. We will articulate the costs and benefits so you can decide whether a business case for migration exists. We will provide detailed cost estimates around any one-off migration or redevelopment costs, and any ongoing Azure hosting and IaaS/PaaS costs. Additionally, we will scan for security risks, provide performance and usability improvement recommendations, and check your code for adherence to standards and ease of maintenance.


At Intergy, we use our expertise to professionally analyse the health and usability of your apps and systems, giving you peace of mind and the knowledge that your systems are running properly and cost effectively. An Azure modernisation assessment is an excellent way to check that your business' systems are performing at full capacity, and it’s a great opportunity to find any issues or problems so they can be resolved quickly and discreetly by modernising applications and migrating them to Microsoft Azure. When we complete your Azure modernisation assessment, we examine your code, analysing your systems and applications. We then provide a list of security vulnerabilities and optimisation opportunities, prioritised by risk/vulnerability, as well as estimated pricing and timeframes for an Azure migration.


• Checking your application security • Looking for errors and ensuring there are proper error handling systems in place • Checking for data integrity • Analysing your database for future scalability • Checking for any technical or functional issues • Analysing the performance of applications • Ensuring your user interface is intuitive and responsive • Cost and time-frame estimation for migrating to Azure


• Businesses choose to perform an Azure modernisation assessment for a number of reasons. Often, the software may be old, relying on outdated technology. Regular users of the software may notice a number of bugs and the data could be unreliable or inaccurate. • To assess if they are ready to move to the cloud. As Azure cloud migration specialists, Intergy are experts at facilitating a migrating to Microsoft Azure, and encourage businesses to modernise their operations by embracing the Azure cloud. • Sometimes business owners notice that their software has begun to run much more slowly. Your application could continually be crashing, or employees may find it time consuming or difficult to perform common, simple tasks. Modernisation in the form of Azure cloud migration can be the solution that enables better workflows, more efficient and secure handling, and faster delivery of business goals.


  1. When you choose Azure modernisation assessment services with Intergy, we keep you up-to-date every step of the way. First, we’ll ask you some initial questions about your software or application. We want to know if you’ve had any issues in the past, if your employees are finding it clunky or difficult to use, and when the software was developed.
  2. Next, we’ll begin our audit, reviewing the technical architecture and code, looking for any ways you can increase efficiency, improve security, performance and usability and provide your customers with better service. Finally, we’ll give you a detailed audit report of our findings, based on any areas of strengths and weakness that we discover. We provide recommendations on how to best leverage Microsoft Azure in modernising your existing workflows and operations.
  3. We can step in to help and complete the work of actually migrating your business to the Azure cloud. Many companies find that they’re well overdue for an internal software audit, and IT teams tend to already have several internal responsibilities. As an independent party, we can easily work with your teams to deliver an Azure modernisation/migration in a manner that is timely and cost-effective.


• Whilst we will conduct the software audit free of charge, an Azure migration project that you choose to contract Intergy to complete post-audit will be subject to our usual pricing standards. • We cannot guarantee with absolute certainty that all vulnerabilities or flaws will be detected.