Azure Integration Services - 1 week assesement


No application is isolated and functions alone. Nowadays, when you build or buy a software, you will need to connect it to other software.

But how can you do it? Integration yes. But, it isn't just integration, it should be an effective integration which should bring results.

There are many traditional integration technologies, but they do not provide the needed results, and more and more companies use integration Platform as a Service solutions, or the so-called cloud-based integration platform.

If you are in need of this, Microsoft Azure provides Azure Integration Services. Our experience and expertise in this area with API Management, Logic Apps, Service Bus and Event Grid is all you need for integrating both cloud and on-premises systems.

Our 1 week assessment on Azure Integration Services will give you insights into Azure Integration Services and preferably solve the problems that you might have. How it will work:

  1. Discuss to understand your business and IT strategy and the need for integration, as well as your current system landscape
  2. Discuss the value of the integration platform for your organization
  3. Provide you with solutions for your problem

About ⋮IWConnect:

⋮IWConnect is a global, multi-disciplinary, integration consultancy company focused on strategy, data management, analytics, infrastructure and growth-enablement. We focus on understanding our clients’ needs and delivering the best solutions for them. Since 2013, our company has been a part of Microsoft Partner Network, and currently we are Gold Partners for DevOps, Data Platform, Data Analytics, Application Development, and Windows and Devices.