Cognitive services development - 2 weeks PoC


Do you want to develop intelligent applications that will make face and emotion recognition out of a picture, and bring the innovation in your company?

Azure Cognitive Services is a 2-week PoC helping users understand how they can leverage Azure Cognitive Services to make applications that can imitate human’s senses of seeing, speaking, identifying, and digitalizing paper documents and pictures.

The 2-week PoC focuses on using Azure Cloud and the latest technologies that lay on top of Azure Machine Learning and AI in the field of Vision Services – Face API. By combining these technologies, you will be able to create a smart application that will detect, analyze & provide information from pictures pertaining to face-detection, face-recognition, and emotion recognition.

Key Benefits:

  • A complete detailed overview of Azure Cognitive Services
  • Increased knowledge about Vision Services (Face API) and their use
  • Knowledge about best practices and benefits of using Face API
  • Ensuring the data is protected in every level of the architecture
  • Precise cost and time estimation
  • How to test & improve once deployed on the cloud?
  • How Cognitive Services will fit in your organization?

The cost varies depending on the needed consulting hours as well as your organization's need.

The PoC is designed to increase and implement your knowledge immediately. Additionally, it touches a subject which is rare on the market – facial recognition is nothing new, but emotion recognition to the level of determining the emotions of a person straight from a picture is still not so widely spread.

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