Pay as you Go to CSP migration: 10-Hr Imp


Moving your onsite infrastructure or Pay As You Go to CSP - Enabling seamless access to a wide range of cloud services and resources.

With the new increase in PAYG prices, iSSC has the capability to move some resources seamlessly, and other needs a migration to move to a CSP subscription. Our toolset provides minimal downtime. Things to consider: IP ranges will change, and we strongly suggest using DNS rather than IP to connect to an environment. In the assessment, all of these will be addressed as well as a re look at security.

Why could this offer be beneficial?

Cost Savings: Discounts and Consolidated Billing: CSP partners offer discounted pricing and streamlined billing, reducing costs and simplifying expense management.

Flexibility: Customized Plans: Tailored Azure plans allow customers to pay for precisely what they need.

Enhanced Support: Dedicated Support: CSPs offer personalized, high-quality support compared to standard Azure support.

Compliance and Security: Data Sovereignty and Security Services: CSPs ensure compliance and provide security guidance.

Resource Management: Proactive Resource Optimization: CSPs help manage workloads efficiently and scale as needed.

Billing and Reporting: Detailed Billing Reports and Cost Allocation: CSP subscriptions provide detailed billing and better cost allocation.

Licensing: License Optimization: CSPs assist in cost-effective licensing for Azure services.

Long-Term Relationship: Partnership for Collaboration: Build lasting relationships for strategic planning and support.

Azure Expertise: Expert Guidance: CSPs offer Azure expertise and best practices.

Simplified Procurement: Streamlined Procurement: CSP subscriptions simplify Azure adoption and procurement.