Agile Data Analytics: 10-WK Implementation

IT-Logix AG

Gain sustainable 360° business insights through agile and streamlined conception and automated implementation of your data analytics solution

To win in the age of digitalization, agile data analytics capabilities are a crucial cornerstone to master. This agile data analytics solution enables you to excel in monetization of data insights, applying agile and analytics best practices and a high degree of automation.

Expect to get a first release of a sustainable data analytics solution, a centralized and optimized data container (aka DataWarehouse) that allows for AI/ML application, that lives and changes with your business needs (mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, changes in product lines and so on and so forth) and thus creates the foundation for better informed, data driven decision making across your company.

This offering will be brought to you using the latest Microsoft technologies, preferably the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and Azure Data Platform (alternatively also SQL Server / on Prem). IT-Logix specialists are highly experienced and certified with regards to all necessary Azure Services and components and are looking forward to support you in defining and implementing your optimal target-architecture.

Applying our IT-Logix end-to-end framework for agile data analytics solutions, we guide you in a fully transparent, standardized process.

IT-Logix Services Catalogue:

  • Data Analytics Strategy (Set the heading)
  • Inception Phase (Plan the journey) ---> Requirements Engineering ---> Technology & Project Setup ---> Data & Solution Architecture
  • Construction Phase (Execute/Build) <-- SCOPE OF THIS OFFER ---> Solution Implementation ---> Data Science & AI ---> Visualization
  • Operations (Run / Adjust) ---> Training / Coaching ---> Maintenance & Support

With 20+ years of experience in the field of Data Warehousing and Analytics and exciting customer references across numerous industries, IT-Logix would be delighted to become your trusted data advisor to deliver excellent results and short time-to-value also to your business.

We would love to: Let your data speak!