Entra Verified ID Proof of Value: 4-Week POC

ITC Secure Ltd

To help organisations get started with Verifiable Credentials and Entra Verified ID, ITC Secure and Condatis are offering a 4-week Proof of Value tailored to your business needs.

The hybrid world is creating more touchpoints and transactions, but also exposing more data to potential security breaches.

Nearly every touchpoint in modern-day life centres around exchanging or verifying a person’s identity – whether showing up for work or paying for a product online. Microsoft has launched Entra Verified ID - a decentralised identity solution centred around giving individuals the ability to prove that they are who they claim to be, hold the credentials they claim to have, and share that data with the organisations they choose. The solution elegantly integrates with Microsoft Azure and multi-cloud environments.

To help organisations prove the value of using Entra Verified ID and guide their ongoing digital identity journey, ITC Secure and Condatis are offering businesses an opportunity to work on a Proof of Value (PoV) that demonstrates these capabilities within their own environment:

  • Optimised Staff/User Onboarding and Access: offering opportunities to optimise staff and user on-boarding and simplifying accessing digital services or physical sites.
  • User Managed Eligibility: Users hold and manage the distribution of their own personal data. Verifiers request only the information they need, and users decide whether or not to provide it.
  • Integration: the ability to issue verifiable credentials using data stored in existing IT systems, such as Azure AD.
  • Cost Savings: Trust is formed through user-held credentials rather than managing complex centralised systems and synchronisation.
  • https://store-images.s-microsoft.com/image/apps.1772.469f1b87-4c3f-4d97-862d-bdc03e845d7c.1141a003-9e77-4dd5-ae4c-e7695904d02f.6aaf62f2-945b-4dac-95fe-9bc72bb18935