AVD Rapid Deploy

Ivision, Inc.

A discovery, design, implementation, and migration to Azure Virtual Desktop.

The iVision Azure Virtual Desktop Program accelerates deployment of VDI or Published Application environments to meet business needs with the burstable scale and cost efficiencies of Azure. This ranges from pilot deployment to validate technology to full deployment and incumbent VDI migration to AVD.

Foundation / ALZ Review & Design Phase

Subscription & Management Group design for AVD

VNet & networking design for AVD

Catalog naming conventions & tagging

RBAC / IAM strategy for AVD

Cost modeling & charge-back for AVD

AVD Security model

Azure Regions for AVD

Azure Virtual Desktop Discovery Phase

Operating Systems & Applications Discovery

Business Process Discovery

Hardware discovery

Connectivity Discovery

User Profile & Persona (Estimated 5) Definition Discovery

End User Experience Success Criteria

Teams and optimization requirements

Azure Virtual Desktop Design Phase

Multi Session / Personal Host Pool Designs

End-User Device Design

Capacity Design

Power Management

Imaging & Application layering

Alerting and Monitoring

Profile Management

Review designs with business stakeholders, security teams, and compliance teams

Azure Virtual Desktop Deployment Phase

Deploy Subscriptions & Management Groups

Deploy VNets

Deploy applicable Fileshares (Storage Accounts)

Configure existing Route Tables & Network Security Groups for ACL

Deploy applicable amount of Host Pools – Multi Session / Personal

Deploy Profile Containerization if required

Enable Logging, Monitoring, & Alerting

Azure Virtual Desktop Pilot & Testing Phase

Pilot user desktops go-live

Desktop latency, usability, and network infrastructure validated

Desktop application portfolio and Axis’s policies utilized in a real-world scenario

Issues/bugs identified and resolved within backlog

Develop Patching / Update methodologies

Document process of user onboarding & communication plans

Download and customize AVD End Point Agent as required

Continual increase of Pilot Users

Azure Virtual Desktop Production Rollout Phase

Production user desktops go-live

Continual monitoring of performance & end-user experience

Follow user-wave migrations

Download and customize AVD End Point Agent as required

Continual increase of Production Users

iVision will have prepared Client with the necessary documentation and knowledge to rollout at the pace of Client’s business.