Customizing Azure IoT Accelerators: 4-wk Imp


Customizing Microsoft Azure IoT Solution Accelerators - 4 Week Implementation

Azure IoT Solution Accelerators are fully customizable and KAISPE can help you customize these accelerators to address your specific business requirements to remotely monitor and maintain your key business assets. Whether you want to apply machine learning on data gathered through sensors on these assets and gain actionable insights or automate your business processes to take appropriate actions in line of business applications, we can help you implementing these scenarios.

During these 4 weeks of implementation, we will be providing the following services:

Week 1: Analyze your specific business requirements for connected assets remote monitoring or predictive maintenance. If you already have one of the Azure solution accelerators implemented and want to get better insights using Power BI for device telemetry data or looking for integration with business application to achieve process automation, we will also analyze such requirements.

Week 2: Design the solution for areas where the solution accelerator needs to be customized.

Week 3: Customize the solution accelerator as per the design and requirements.

Week 4: Test the customization, User acceptance testing and GoLive.

Please note that as part the offering, we will only be customizing one Azure Solution Accelerator for you. Also we will be providing this service remotely and no customer onsite visits are involved. The estimated price provided may vary subject to the customer requirements.