Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration: 1 day Assessment

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A free 1 day assessment on the benefits of Microsoft Azure cloud and typical migration strategies.

Have you heard about the Microsoft Azure cloud, but aren’t sure how it can benefit your business? Are you considering a migration to the cloud or just want to establish a better understanding of Microsoft Azure?

If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, we can help. We are offering a 1 day free of charge briefing on the benefits of the Microsoft Azure cloud.

You’ll learn about Microsoft Azure’s capabilities including Azure backup, Azure Site Recovery and security features.

Our expert cloud assessment delivers a clear roadmap with options to make informed decisions:

  • Evaluate workloads and performance data

  • Workshop to prioritize business needs and understand trade-offs

  • Engineered for future needs Multiple options to choose from Up to 1 day of assessment work

  • Industry-Leading Assessment

  • Shorten decision times

  • Ensure successful deployments

  • Improve business outcomes

Expert Recommendations * Validate that Azure can deliver on your needs * Benefit from intelligence gathered from your existing workloads * Select with confidence the right set of Microsoft Cloud offerings

A Plan that Delivers * Save an average of 20% when optimizing workloads * Eliminate any surprises and cost overruns * Accelerate the delivery of new services

Note: Reach Katpro for custom solutions that suits your business need and help optimize effective ROI on cloud investments. More details [title]