Azure Options for the Enterprise: 1-hour Briefing


Overview of the vast options available on the Azure Cloud Platform. This educational video and one-hour consultation touch on six options within the wide world of Microsoft Azure.

This two-part consulting offer seeks to help your team understand its options in the wide world of Microsoft Azure.

The Azure cloud platform is vast and it can be difficult to determine the best option given unique requirements. Developers must understand the options available and determine the best way to structure applications to accomplish the intended outcome.

Briefing Structure

This offering is split into two parts: education & consultation.

First, you will watch an instructional Azure video that "breaks down" the possible approaches on the Azure Cloud Platform. Secondly, you will have a consultation with a Keyhole Consultant to offer custom recommendations based on your needs.

The instructional video discusses six options within Microsoft Azure including:

  • Virtual Machines
  • App Services
  • Function Apps
  • AKS
  • Logic Apps
  • Service Fabric

For each option, a Keyhole Software Consultant introduces the pros, cons, optimal use cases, and tips for success with each Azure approach based on his experience.

After watching the video, your team will have a one-hour phone or video conference consultation with a Keyhole Software Consultant. The goal of the consultation is to help determine if you're on the right Azure path and offer recommendations for your unique project.