Kiwi IT - Microsoft Compliance Workshop - 1 Day

Kiwi IT Solutions Ltd

Microsoft Compliance Workshop and Implementation Services

Delivered by highly skilled specialists through our mature compliance assessment framework and proven methodology, the Compliance Workshop is an engagement that will help customers address their most pressing compliance goals and challenges. By fully understanding the risks related to their organisational data, Kiwi offer a structured approach to mapping these risks to solutions that will help manage and protect their data and mitigate the associated risks identified during this engagement.

Compliance Workshop objectives are: • Gain visibility into known and unknown compliance risks that may exist in customer’s organisational data. • Help customers better understand, prioritise, and mitigate these compliance risks across the Microsoft Cloud and on-premises data repositories that were identified over the course of the engagement to improve the organisations’ compliance posture. • Help the customer understand how Microsoft compliance products and services can help mitigate and protect against the compliance risks • Provide recommendations and define next steps.

Kiwi will work with key stakeholders to review the following areas and elicit the insights needed to deliver a tailored report on business requirements, risks, mitigations, constraints and alignment of Microsoft cloud services. • Stakeholder Insights & Strategy • Risk Management & Priorities • IT Platforms & Core Business Processes • Compliance Posture & Objectives

The assessment workshop will cover the initial pre-engagement call, assessment, discovery write up and reporting back on our findings and recommendations. This will provide an actionable migration roadmap to Microsoft services centred around improved compliance and security. This will include: • Compliance & security insights with recommendations • Risks & Gap Analysis report to improve mitigation • Alignment of Microsoft services against organisational systems, processes & needs • Summary breakdown of project scope, implementation time and cost