Azure Synapse and Power BI: 6-Wk Pilot Implementation

KiZAN Technologies

Modernize your organization with Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI Pilot Implementation

Migrate to a modern data platform and experience the benefits of data-driven decision making.

Improve Customer, Patient, or Employee Experience | Drive Profitability | Increase Efficiency

Unlock the full business value of your data with the best of analytics from Microsoft. With an industry-leading combination of Azure Synapse and Power BI, get unmatched time-to-insight with a limitless analytics service and combine it with an industry-leading business intelligence platform, all in a single management workspace with common security and governance.

This fully-funded pilot will provide a modern data platform to standardize and modernize your data estate and will also illustrate how Azure Synapse and Power BI can economically deliver transformative insights within your broader IT and BI ecosystem.

This 6-week pilot will consist of 3 phases, during which KiZAN will:

  • Deploy a pilot implementation of a Modern Data Platform.
  • Provide hands-on opportunities to work with Power BI and Azure Synapse in your production environment.
  • Develop an actionable plan to assist with a full production deployment of Power BI and Azure Synapse.

Customers using Azure Synapse & Power BI are achieving:

  • 271% Average ROI
  • 27% Faster Time to Insights
  • 26% Lower Total Cost of Ownership


  • Convenience: No physical hardware to manage
  • Cost: No system hardware to purchase, power, or maintain
  • Scale: Adjust performance and size on the fly
  • Security: Experience the full range of trusted Microsoft services
  • Automated Backup and Recovery: Mitigate the risk of data loss
  • Encryption: Automatic data encryption for increased security

*no cost for approved customers