Azure Cloud Migration and Implementation - 8 weeks

Kontex Security Ltd

Leveraging Kontex's Migration Solutions to Assess, Plan and Migrate to Azure. Workshop (1 day)

Assess and plan (1-4 weeks)

Prepare and migrate (1-8 weeks)

Kontex can help you leverage the Azure cloud benefits and address any migration scenario: On-premise to the cloud or Cloud-to-cloud migration. As a leader in the security eco system, we will also address efficiently from the initial phase all the migration security challenges such as regulatory and compliance violations, shortcutting security during the migration phase, insecure APIs, cloud misconfiguration, data exposure to name a few.

*Stage 1: Assess Discovery, Mapping, and Evaluation of on-prem applications ⚫Discover and compile a detailed inventory of your existing environment (apps, databases, and infrastructure) ⚫Group resources based on their suitability for cloud migration and develop a migration strategy for each group ⚫Create a right-sizing report, cost estimates as well as performance metrics ⚫Engage and align with the appropriate stakeholders, evaluate the cost factors for each of the available options and agree on the costs involved ⚫Build the holistic – final plan

Stage 2: Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect, and Rebuild ⚫Rehost: Moving applications to the cloud.. This is a lift and shift approach that is possible for many workloads. ⚫Refactor: Apply any small design changes to application, but not to the actual code. Refactoring will modernise your applications enough so they can benefit from an IaaS or PaaS offerings.

⚫Rearchitect: Making necessary application changes to make them fit for the Azure cloud.

⚫Rebuild: Rebuild the applications not ready for the cloud from scratch using using cloud-native products.

Stage 3: Analyse, monitor, optimise, secure ⚫Analyse: Analyse cloud spending and help you always choose the right mix of Azure Services & Solutions to maximise investment.

⚫Monitor: . Monitor performance, track health and provide insights.

⚫Optimise: Discover new ways to improve the applications and services

⚫Secure: Perform risk assessments, and test events including penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.