Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention: 4 Week Implementation

Kontex Security Ltd

Get visibility, manage data securely, and go beyond compliance with our Microsoft Purview DLP Implementation.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is one of the Microsoft Purview tools that an organisation can use to protect sensitive items. By utilizing the DLP tool within Purview, Kontex can automatically apply DLP policies to protect sensitive items across Microsoft services like Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. It can also apply to Office applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) as well as on-premises file shares and on-premises SharePoint.

Through a series of workshops with stakeholders, Kontex work to gain a level of understanding of the IT landscape, existing security controls, and how sensitive data is created, stored, and transferred by the business. Stemming from these workshops, a series of initiatives are identified that can form the basis of a DLP programme. The initiatives outlined in the programme consists of the use of technologies, processes/procedures, and user awareness campaigns that can be implemented in an iterative manner to gain visibility and reduce data loss events, while minimising the risk of business disruption.

Kontex will deploy a Microsoft Purview DLP solution using our multi-phased approach, considering our main guiding principles: Technology, Awareness & Procedures.


▪ Stage 1: Assess Discovery, Mapping, and Evaluation of Critical Data & Infrastructure

Perform an assessment of your existing environment, objectives and capability gaps. Engage and align with the appropriate stakeholders, evaluate the cost factors for each of the available options and agree on the costs involved. Define your DLP objectives and develop a roadmap to achieve desired state.

▪ Stage 2: Architect DLP Solution

Develop a deployment & adoption plan for each technology capability - identifying and design processes to enable capabilities which are tailored to client's specific technical and data requirements. Finalize solution architecture and configuration in development environment.

▪ Stage 3: Deploy, Monitor & Maintain

Conduct phased deployment and roll-out of the capabilities in production environment. Provide ongoing training and support during the roll-out to ensure successful user adoption and maximum ROI. Continuously monitor performance, track health and provide insights via risk assessments, penetration testing and vulnerability testing to optimise the program.

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Final pricing and timelines will be aligned to your specific requirements.