Unify on Azure: 10 Weeks Implementation


Next generation engagement platform which complements your existing systems, unifies your data and enables you to make smarter decisions

Unify on Azure supercharges an organisation’s ability to identify new growth opportunities through rich customer data. It supports the seamless connection of ecosystems of products/services beyond a company’s core offering and provides a holistic view of their customer’s behaviours and motivations which traditional closed-loop loyalty programmes can only dream of providing. This is incentivised through an ecosystem-centric loyalty program powered by a highly liquid coin exchange and data orchestration platform which is built on Azure leveraging database, analytics, storage and security services.

Unify on Azure is industry agnostic and enables you to

  1. Create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities between you, your customers and partners by easily publishing contextualized and personalized product offerings to any digital channel
  2. Connect your customers with a broader ecosystem of personalized products and services through seamless and real-time orchestration
  3. Empower you and your partners with rich, real-time datasets of customer behaviours and sentiments to generate real customer value

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