Mainframe Data Democratization: 2-Day Assessment

Kyndryl Inc.

In this 2-day assessment, work with Kyndryl to develop a roadmap to understand and unlock your mainframe data powered by Azure.

Get ready to transform your mainframe data with Azure Data and AI services!

This assessment will evaluate where Microsoft Azure and Power Platform can help accelerate business insights with your mainframe data.

Many organizations continue to rely on mainframes to manage their most critical applications and sensitive data, but customers who want to do more with their mainframes struggle to unlock and transform their mainframe data into actionable intelligence and insights. By democratizing mainframe data and making it accessible to analytics, machine learning and AI applications, organizations can improve decision-making with data-driven solutions designed to deliver immediate usable business value. At Kyndryl, we leverage our mainframe expertise to help you unlock and harness mainframe data to deliver business intelligence and insights at scale. Our data and AI advisory services are designed to transform and modernize your legacy systems with the right data foundation and platform to enable reliable, modular, and scalable solutions that move your business forward.

Kyndryl’s Value: As the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, Kyndryl offers global data and AI services and assessments to help customers derive more value and insights from their business data. Kyndryl is recognized as a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider and offers a variety of solutions in areas like application migration and modernization, data platform management, and full-stack enterprise AI services. With deep industry expertise, certified consultants, and solutions tailored to your specific business needs, we help you quickly unlock value from data and AI to support your unique transformation goals.

Workshop Structure Join Kyndryl for a two-day Mainframe Data Democratization Assessment and get ready to transform your mainframe data into business intelligence and insights. In this face-to-face workshop, you’ll co-innovate with us on strategies to make mainframe systems more accessible and develop a roadmap to understand and unlock your mainframe data. This assessment will evaluate where Azure data and AI services can help accelerate business insights.


  1. Pre-Workshop Data Gathering
    • Leverage questionnaire for enterprise data and business usage requirements
  2. Assessment Workshop
    • Demo: Realm of the possible
    • Business data problem / opportunity identification by business area
    • Data source(s) identification, data enrichment identification for insights (other internal and external data sources)
    • Data insights and visualization: Gather high-level requirements by business area
    • Technology landscape identification for data problems / opportunities and conceptual framework for data visibility
    • Identification of unknowns and business and technical risk areas
    • Summary and business value / business priority / technical feasibility ranking of opportunities
  3. Post Workshop Activities
    • Opportunity proposal(s) for detail discovery / high-level solution and schedule for a proof-of-concept
    • Proposal review & agreement on next steps

The Mainframe Data Democratization Assessment workshop compliments our Data Assessment & Governance Framework for large-scale data and AI consulting and implementation projects:

  • Phase 1 | Discover data sources, data affinity & determine assessment approach
  • Phase 2 | Define data lake architecture for centralizing, transforming, securing & storing data
  • Phase 3 | Implement data pipelines to centralize data to azure synapse & develop insights
  • Phase 4 | Implement data governance for ongoing data management with Microsoft Purview

Terms, conditions, duration, and pricing are custom to each engagement. Please contact us to discuss a solution to meet your business needs. Offer availability may be limited in some countries.

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