Azure Cost-Optimization: 4-Week Implementation

Langate Corp

Azure cost optimization is a process that allows you to make the most of your Azure subscription by optimizing your infrastructure and application configurations.

This reduces costs while ensuring that your applications run at peak performance.

Let our team of experts help you perform an efficient Azure Cost-Optimization Implementation. We’ll complete the implementation in 4 phases:

Phase 1: Define Project Scope:

An important step in performing an Azure cost optimization implementation is to define the project's scope. The scope of a cost optimization assessment should include all necessary data, including but not limited to:

  • Identifying the Azure services that are being used
  • Determining which Azure service tiers are being utilized
  • Identifying when each cloud service was last updated or changed
  • Establishing a baseline for how much you're spending on each cloud service and how much you're using it
  • Assessing your current usage patterns against your business needs and goals.

Phase 2: Cost Optimization Recommendation Plan (CORP)

The implementation process begins with the creation of a cost optimization recommendation plan (CORP). This plan includes the steps that need to be taken to implement Azure cost optimization and helps guide teams through the various stages of implementation.

Phase 3: Timeline Specification

Next, you’ll need to create an implementation plan that specifies what changes will be made in each stage of the CORP. You should also include details about how these changes will be implemented and who will be responsible for making them happen.

Phase 4: Actual Implementation

Begin implementing your new plan by following through on each step in turn until everything has been completed successfully!

There are several ways to reduce your Azure costs: Move to a different pricing model, reduce your VM size, or consolidate your workloads. Our goal is to help you choose and implement the best strategy.