Mainframe Modernization to Azure Implementation

Langate Corp

You're a smart company, so you know that the future is in the cloud. But if you're running a mainframe or midrange application, how do you get there?

Azure Mainframe Modernization to Azure Implementation is a simple way to implement Azure without sacrificing functionality, security, or compliance.

Our service helps you relocate your mainframe applications to the cloud without too much hassle. Take advantage of the benefits offered by the cloud, such as scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Langate's 10-week mainframe migration process:

  1. Identify the applications that can be migrated to the cloud, then create a virtual machine (VM) for which to deploy your application.
  2. Using a cloud-based database. Deciding which applications should be migrated first, and how they should be. We’ll easily Connect to the mainframe database and test your migration right away. We’ll use a cloud-based database as part of your proof of concept, or as part of the actual migration.
  3. Test that your application works properly on Azure before permanently migrating it. This will ensure that you are able to scale up if necessary and avoid any issues with performance or reliability.
  4. Consider using Azure SQL Database Managed Instance with an active transaction coordinator (ATC) for high availability and disaster recovery purposes if required by your business needs (this feature is only available for SQL Server).
  5. Testing and deploying any new application components created during migration.

Get guidance from our experts at Langate, on how to modernize the mainframe and midrange applications you rely on by running them on Azure.