Migrate SAP on Azure: 2-months implementation

Lemongrass Consulting

Accelerate an SAP on Azure near-zero downtime migration using automation tooling from our Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP)

Lemongrass has successfully migrated more than 16,000 large enterprise SAP systems of all sizes, complexities, products, versions and criticalities to the Cloud.

Move your SAP systems to the Azure with confidence

The Migrate phase is critical in ensuring these desired outcomes are carefully considered and incorporated into the architecture and services we build and run for them on Azure. These benefits include:

  • Dramatically reduced cost of ownership (between 50% and 80%)
  • Increased SAP resilience and up-time with near-zero downtime operations
  • Reduced project cost and cycle time through SAP DevOps
  • Reduced development tracks through automated landscape provisioning
  • Increased capacity to support M&As, projects, and upgrades
  • Access to a world of innovation such as Azure Automation, Azure Data Lakes, and Azure Applied AI Services
  • Industry-leading levels of security
  • Reliable and inexpensive Disaster Recovery with Azure Site Recovery

Our experience and outcome-focused methodology ensures whatever outcome you are looking for it is built-in and tracked from Day One.

Low Disruption Near-Zero Downtime Migration

Your SAP system is global, enterprise wide and business critical. You also may have multiple development projects in flight and a demanding maintenance schedule. Downtime and disruption to production and project systems is the last thing you need. The automation built into our Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP) means that for even the very largest databases, downtime can be measured in hours and in many instances is near-zero.

Optimized Migration

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right migration strategy or build pattern for your organization. Some of the areas your organization should take into account are:

Project planning and determining a deadline date for the migration

  • Allocating company resources and dedicated time
  • Evaluating the target architecture to ascertain if it is substantially changing
  • Assessing if the migration should include an upgrade
  • Incorporating any corporate strategic Roadmaps for SAP

As an important first step, Lemongrass will conduct an initial assessment of your systems to determine your specific requirements and create an Azure BOM. Once  that is completed, Lemongrass can support you in confidently selecting the migration strategy for Azure that meets your specific business requirements.

  • Near-Zero Downtime Migration
  • SAP Greenfield Build on Azure
  • Azure Optimized Migration
  • Large Database Migration on Azure
  • Lift and Shift on Azure
  • SAP S/4HANA Migration  on Azure
  • Migrate to Archive  on Azure (see Application Archiving)

In Step 2: Lemongrass will build the Technical Foundation on Azure (Landing Zone, Subscriptions and additional tooling according to Lemongrass best-practice Security Framework

In Step 3: Lemongrass will migrate the SAP landscape to Azure. In this example calculation.

We assumed for this sample calculation:

  • Automated Implementation of Lemongrass best-practice Landing Zone and Tooling on Azure (4-weeks)
  • Migration of < 5 Systems to Azure (3-weeks)
  • Hypercare before handover to BAU Operate (1 week)