SAP on Azure - 2-Weeks Workshop

LiveRoute FZ-LLC

This engagement is to introduce SAP-on-Azure offerings, benefit-realization and to assess your SAP environments for building a high level migration plan / roadmap.

Agenda - Week 1:

  1. Session: Introduction to SAP on Azure offering and endorsed cloud partnership proposition
  2. Session (one or more): Explore existing SAP application and database environments and solutions
  3. Session (one or more): Understand expectations, identify target requirements (business, technical, compliance etc.)

Agenda - Week 2: 4. Identify right solutions, technologies and components for migrating SAP on Azure 5. Establish a high level migration / transition plan 6. Present migration / transition plan 7. Feedback, fine-tuning and submit


  1. Introduction presentation for SAP on Azure offerings and benefits
  2. High level migration / transition plan
  3. Recommended target solution/service design
  4. Total Cost of Ownership on Azure