Cisco Cloud ACI on Azure: 3 Week Implementation

Logicalis UK

The Logicalis Cloud Foundation for Azure combined with Cisco Cloud ACI solutions that extends the capabilities of Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) into Azure.


  • Consistent Policy – Policy and operational consistency, independent of where your applications or data reside
  • Agentless - leverages the native Azure networking constructs for policy translation and provides end to end visibility into the customer's cloud workloads and connectivity
  • Multi-region – Manage multiple regions through a single cloud APIC instance.
  • Automated secure interconnect- Provide a secure interconnect for multi cloud environment and automate network connectivity across multiple On Premises and Azure Public Cloud environments
  • Single Pane of glass – Cisco Multi Site Orchestrator is the single pane of glass with which to maintain and operate your various hybrid multi-cloud sites.


  • Migrate on-prem workloads from ACI environments to Azure cloud faster
  • Easily achieve business continuity and disaster recovery mandates in hybrid multi-cloud environments including cloud-bursting and consumption of Azure native services such as ALB.
  • Enable Consistent Policy, Security and Operations between On-Premises and Azure Public Cloud environments
  • Automated Secure interconnect between various hybrid multi-cloud environments.