Logicalis Data Analytics Platform 8-week MVP Deployment

Logicalis UK

Logicalis’ Data Analytics Platform MVP Deployment Service is the first step of a comprehensive framework for organisations looking to leverage advanced cloud-based analytics.

Organisations seeking to embark on strategic initiatives for data analytics need to establish a standardized and enterprise scale data platform. This offer covers the elements of such a project, focusing on the creation of a robust cloud-based data infrastructure, providing the services to implement a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) solution within 6-8 weeks.

With this planned MVP, we will assist your organisation with the implementation and deployment of the necessary Azure services, leveraging Microsoft Fabric components to serve as the Cloud and Data Landing Zone foundation. This will help enable efficient data ingestion from organisation's data tables within a structured Data Warehouse/Data Lake. The design will help to organise and store vast data arrays efficiently, providing the groundwork for advanced data analysis and business intelligence capabilities. Once the Azure and Data infrastructure landing zones are setup and operational, this MVP service will also develop up to two dashboard visualisations within PowerBI. These dashboards will serve as the visualisation front-end for the data ingested into the Data Warehouse, offering stakeholders a view into how these actionable insights and a granular view of their operational metrics can help them manage their business.

Engagement Scope: The offer overview includes implementing within an Azure Subscription, the components of Microsoft Fabric for: • Data Infrastructure Implementation: Constructing the Azure & Data Services infrastructure that facilitate the integration of data from a limited set of specified tables into a data warehouse / data lake. These Azure Services and infrastructure are aimed to provide the immediate data storage, processing, and retrieval needs using the components of Microsoft Fabric. • Data Ingestion: Executing the data ingestion process, which will import data into the cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring data quality, consistency, and accessibility. • Data Warehouse Configuration: Setting up and configuring the Data Warehouse to house the ingested data, allowing for enhanced query performance, data analysis, and storage optimization. • Data Visualization - Dashboard Creation: Developing one or two dashboard visualizations that will display key metrics and insights derived from the data warehouse, providing intuitive analytical tools for business intelligence. • Project Management: Overseeing the project initiation, including timeline management, resource allocation, and stakeholder communication to maintain project alignment with strategic business objectives.

Data Governance: Implement a comprehensive data governance strategy, with the objective to establish a baseline for unified data governance that provides visibility and control over data assets, ensuring data quality and compliance across the enterprise. • Data Discovery and Classification • Data Cataloguing • Data Lineage • Policy Management • Data Access and Security Management • Compliance and Risk Management • Insights and Reporting

Deliverables: • Minimal Viable Product (MVP) working solution • Adoption / Training Workshop - 3 hours • As-built documentation