LTI Canvas Insights: : 5 weeks of Implementation

LTIMindtree Limited

AI in Agile & DevOps Developer Productivity Impact Analysis

Description: About LTI Canvas Insights LTI Canvas Insights have Azure Virtual Machine provisioned ,have server setup and application is deployed. LTI Canvas Insights generates insights from a host of SDLC sources that primarily includes optimization-related use cases within application engineering using AI/natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. It is an AI-powered Agile & DevOps platform that goes beyond brute force automation and pockets of SME knowledge. It incorporates an End-to-end Correlation Engine, Impact Analysis, Predictive Insights Engine, Knowledge Transition and Knowledge Management in Remote Working.

Type of users that benefits from the Offer A one-stop solution that uses AI, ML and algorithms for knowledge transition and transmission to ease remote working.

  1. Product Owner
  2. Scrum master
  3. Architect
  4. Quality Engineer
  5. Developer

Customer Needs or pain that the offer addresses

  1. Defect advisor: Early defect detection and analysis and provision of remediation solutions can reduce the defect reassignments. Another feature includes faster resolution of defects by matching and recom¬mending new defects with similar historical defects. This results in increased sprint velocity.
  2. Test optimization: An impact analysis of the optimal number of test cases that need to be executed based on risk and criticality of change
  3. Code Analytics: Higher Quality Assurance with a granular view on the test coverage – by Class, by Method & uncovering risks early with mapping of changed code base to developers and skills
  4. Change impact: Provides analysis of the impact of new change requests and changes on code & data. It also offers advisory on similar comparable user stories for potential reuse, quick effort estimates and risk analysis.
  5. Sprint planning: With the right team and set of skills, LTI Canvas Insights improves the sprint and workload planning. This results in effective decision making