Azure Data Platform: 1-hour briefing

Meltlake Oy

Unlock insights and drive innovation with our Azure data platform briefing. Meltlake team of certified cloud experts will help you with Azure Data platform and analytics possibilities.

This briefing will go through opportunities of data and analytics services using Azure technologies.

Our experienced data platform consultants helps organizations leverage the full power of Azure data services to unlock insights, drive innovation, and optimize operations. We help you assess your current data landscape, identify opportunities for improvement, and design a customized solution using Azure data technologies such as Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure Data Factory.

Topics covered in the briefing are: How to evaluate the current data needs and identifying areas for business opportunities Expert guidance on how to migrate and modernize your data platform on Azure Assistance with setting up and configuring Azure data resources, including data lakes and data warehouses Support for popular data integration and analytics tools, such as Power BI and Azure Machine Learning