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Azure Cloud Readiness: 2-Day Assessment

Merit Solutions

Are you considering moving your apps or infrastructure to Microsoft Azure? This 2-day assessment will quantify the time, effort, and cost required to make the move to the cloud.

The goal of this assessment is to obtain all the data you need to understand your company's path to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.

Day 1 is a joint working session to uncover all of the critical factors regarding your existing technologies in order to then spend Day 2 working on the assessment summary, recommendations and estimate for proceeding with a migration to Azure.

Day 1

Business and IT Overview

  • What does the company make/sell/offer?
  • What is the organizational structure – who “owns” the IT systems?
  • What is your history of technology?
  • Where are servers and devices located today?

Cloud Migration Objectives

  • Why is now the time to investigate moving to Azure? Ex) Better reliability, extensibility, consolidation, end-of-life hardware…
  • Is there a timeline?
  • How will success be measured?

Current Infrastructure Overview

  • Existing System Diagrams?
  • Active Directory, Exchange, Firewall, Remote Access
  • Physical/Virtual Specs


  • Office, ERP, CRM, HRIS, Engineering, Custom, …
  • Test Environments
  • Mobile Apps
  • Access and security considerations
  • Existing licensing and hosting costs

Non-Application Content:

  • SharePoint, File Shares, Network Drives, Data Warehouse
  • Access and security considerations

Backups and Disaster Recovery

IT Support

  • Existing Team Breakdown
  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Monitoring
  • Patching
  • SLA’s

Azure Migration Scope / Deep-Dive

  • What are you interested in moving to Azure?
  • What additional Azure technologies are you interested in?
  • Deep-Dives for each applicable area.

Day 2

  • Summary, Analysis, and Recommendations
  • Summary of assessment and additional assumptions
  • Review of Azure migration options
  • Recommendations
  • Azure roadmap
  • Logical Phases
  • High-Level Estimates, including Azure Costs, Services, and Ongoing Support