FleetExecuter: 8-wk AGV implementation consulting

MHP Management- und IT-Beratung GmbH

The MHP FleetExecuter enables you to manage your Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) fleet regardless of the AGV producers, communication protocols, drive or positioning technologies.

MHP as one of the leading IT and management consulting companies worldwide will support and enable the client team over a 8-weeks period to assess their IT architecture, specify the underlying technologies as well as shopfloor design (e.g. navigation and battery) and assist in the successful implementation of its customized FleetExecuter software based on Microsoft Azure in intralogistics.

The unique package of consulting services and deployment of MHPs in-house developed FleetExecuter software on Azure helps to increase the AGV installation efficiency significantly!

Depending on the customer needs following deliverables will be offered upon request:

  • End-to-end assessment workshop, documentation & conception, ROI calculation as part of consulting services
  • Customized implementation of FleetExecuter software based on Microsoft Azure

*The hereby mentioned price reflects the costs for a successful FleetExecuter installation. Additional costs may arise depending on the scope of requested consulting activities.

Outcome objective: Customer-centric, end-to-end consulting services incl. implementation and rollout of the newly developed FleetExecuter solution based on Microsoft Azure for AGV fleet management in intralogistics.

MHP follows a 5-step approach for its successful AGV’s implementation:

  1. Analyze: IT-Architecture, Initial Assessment, Calculation
  2. Simulate: Process Design, Layout Definition, Scenario analysis
  3. Specify: Navigation- and Battery technology, Charging concept, Pickup/Dropdown design
  4. Implement: Network setup, Software installation, System integration, Trainings, Go-Live.
  5. Optimize & Run: Software Support, Data gathering & analysis

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