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SAP Jumpstart Package: 10-Wk Implementation

Microexcel, Inc

Wish your SAP content wasn’t in silos and was more accessible, cost-effective, and manageable? If you answered YES, you should consider Document Management for SAP®.

For a limited time, Gimmal and Microexcel Inc. are offering the opportunity to try our solution with our Jumpstart Package* and verify the functional and cost benefits for yourself! For $25,000, Gimmal and Microexcel will provide a full license and implementation of Document Management for SAP valid for use with two (2) SAP Business Objects. For example, you can select business objects to manage Purchase Orders or Invoices more efficiently and effectively, or business objects to make Plant Maintenance content more easily accessible. You select the business processes that will bring the most value to your organization, and we’ll help you make that a reality.

  • The annual subscription fee of $17,000 and an $8,000 configuration fee requires a three year subscription.

Deliverables * Configuration of Gimmal's Document Management for SAP, within a singles production SAP instance, for up to 100 users. * Configuration of up to two (2) Business Objects within Document Management for SAP