Mphasis - XaaP: 8-Wk Assessment


Everything as a Platform (XaaP) 8-Wk Digital Platform Enterprise Consulting

Mphasis will assess enterprises on how compute is managed, cloud economics, inventory analysis, operational models and business value streams. We will deliver a 3-8 week assessment with a detailed report with platform architecture, recommendations and execution plan tailored to your organization. Mphasis owns proprietary tools and maturity framework to assess your current environment, and come up with the desired target state definition which includes planning for business capabilities, infrastructure resource management, governance, data management and costing. We will deliver a roadmap with a recommended execution plan and approach using best processes to accelerate your organization to Azure.

Solution Areas: Services (API/gRPC), Experience, Data, Infra, Dev tools, Monitoring, Governance and Management, DevSecOps/SR, Azure Devops, datafactory, Kubernetes and other services.

1) Discovery
· Create high level capability Map
· Analyze critical user experience journey
· Analyze data and Integrations
· Determine as-is load metrics & establish target metrics
· Identify reporting capabilities & KPIs
· Collect & Validate Run Data
· Review critical planned enhancement projects
· Integration and dependencies Map
· Run Operation Assessment

2) Target State Definition
· Initial Analysis Readout, validate and refine
· Define critical Tenants for future state
        o Operations tenants
        o Development tenants
· Define Capability based future state blueprint
· Define Capability based transition roadmap
· Build proposal for the platform future state
· Detailed Assessment Report
· Recommendation Report with prioritiz