Cyber Advisory & Consulting: 2-Wk Cloud Security Assessment, Governance, Risk, Compliance


Cloud Security Advisory & Consulting in Azure cloud & data security, governance, risk mgmt & compliance. Deploying Azure cybersecurity professional services for customers to meet business goals.

The goal of NCS Cyber Advisory and Consulting services is to provide professional services that help customers get started and/or extend their use of Cloud Security services by providing expertise, capabilities, and know-how. Below is the scope and outcome of the advisory and consulting service:

  1. Enterprise wide visibility -> Assess customer organization’s security posture across identity, devices, information, apps, and infrastructure.
  2. Intelligent guidance -> Identify where to improve customer's security posture using threat prioritized insights and guidance.
  3. Comprehensive controls -> Integrated workflow capabilities to determine impact and procedures to implement.

NCS covers the following Microsoft Security tools: • Security Management: Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Azure Policy, Azure RBAC, Azure Blueprint • Identity & Access Management: Azure AD, Azure RBAC • Application Security: Azure WAF, Azure DDoS Protection, Azure API management, Azure Key Vault • Data/Storage Security: Azure Mutual SSL/TLS Encryption, Azure Disc Encryption (ADE) & Storage Service Encryption (SSE), IDE with Azure Key Vault, Microsoft Defense for Azure Database • Cyber defense: Microsoft Sentinel • Cloud Infrastructure Security: Azure Firewall, Azure Key Vault • Mobile Device Management: Microsoft Intune

NCS Cyber is built on an end-to-end security philosophy. We bring together a comprehensive suite of solutions to help organisations build resilience and protect what matters most as the world around them changes. We provide specialized services for advisory, consulting, security testing, cloud & data security, and governance, risk management & compliance, all this to elevate cybersecurity & cyber resilience & translate cyber risk into business impact for the customer.