Azure DevOps Starter : 3 Days Workshop


Azure DevOps Starter technical Workshop via Teams | 3 Days
### Day 1 **Introduction to Azure DevOps** **Configuring Projects in Azure DevOps** *Creating and configuring a new team project* *Configuring teams in VSTS* *Cloning a Git repository into your team project* **Agile Planning** *Overview of Agile planning tools* *Managing work using teams* *Tracking progress using Kanban and task boards* **Configuring CI/CD Pipelines** *Understanding CI/CD Pipelines* *Using hosted build infrastructure* *Configuring a hybrid environment with on-premises agents* **Hosting private build infrastructure in Azure** *Automating Builds* *Creating a build definition* *Customizing your build using tasks* *A closer look at build attributes* *Triggering builds* ### Day 2 **Maintaining Code Quality** *The importance of maintaining code quality* *Unit testing* *Code coverage* *Code Clone Analysis* **Creating Automated Release Pipelines** *Overview of release management* *Understanding artifacts* *Creating a release definition* *Understanding environments* *Approval workflows and notifications* **A Closer Look at Build and Release Definitions** *Configuring Continuous Deployment (CD)* *Multi-machine deployment using deployment groups* *Managing secrets in the Azure Key Vault* **Using Azure Resource Manager** *Overview of Azure Resource Manager (ARM)* *Creating an ARM template* *Using ARM in your release pipelines* ### Day 3 **Monitoring Applications Using Application Insights** *Overview of Application Insights (AI)* *Adding AI to our applications* *Alerts and availability* *Diagnose failures and exceptions* **Creating Dashboards to Show Build and Release Status** *Creating a Build and Release dashboard* *Displaying build information on the dashboard* *Displaying release information on the dashboard* ### Lab 1 : .Net Core Application CI/CD Pipeline ### Lab 2 : .Net Core Application In AKS