Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as Code: 3 Week Proof of Concept

Netrix Global

Get hands-on experience with an introductory Infrastructure-as-Code environment to evaluate its feasibility for your organization and validate the effectiveness of different frameworks and tools

The purpose of the Azure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Proof of Concept offering is to help organizations unlock the value of Azure IaC by assessing its feasibility and suitability for their specific infrastructure requirements. The goal is to provide organizations with a strategic advantage by evaluating the benefits of IaC, validating the effectiveness of different tools, and gaining hands-on experience to accelerate their IaC journey. Through the Proof of Concept, organizations can make informed decisions on adopting IaC, streamline their deployments, reduce errors, improve scalability, and achieve cost savings. The offering aims to empower teams with practical knowledge of tools such as ARM Template, BICEP, and Terraform, as well as the skills to integrate IaC as a foundational component of their Azure infrastructure management strategy.

  1. Discover (Understand your current architecture and key cloud management challenges)
  2. Envision (Showcase of the art-of-the-possible in infrastructure provisioning on Microsoft Azure)
  3. Define (Understand business requirements and prioritize a use case for the Proof of Concept)
  4. Configure (Set-up automation infrastructure, develop up to three (3) IaC modules, and deploy up to one (1) CI/CD pipeline)