Netwoven Fabric Adoption: 2-Hr Briefing


Learn how Microsoft Fabric empowers businesses to take charge of their data management challenges

Microsoft Fabric is an all-in-one analytics platform designed for organizations that covers everything from data storage and data movement to data science and real-time analytics. Fabric brings together experiences such as Data Engineering, Data Factory, Data Science, Data Warehouse, Real-Time Analytics, and Power BI onto a shared SaaS foundation.

Many businesses face monumental challenges in implementing a reliable business analytics solution. In many cases, enterprises deploy a panorama of isolated tools and technologies that pose a big integration challenge and fail to deliver the right insight when it is needed.

Netwoven Fabric Adoption program is aimed at helping organizations address some of the data challenges. In these 2 hours of briefing, we will walk you through how Microsoft Fabric is designed as a business-centric data analytics platform that enables business units to manage the data they own and overcome many of the challenges of traditional data analytics platforms. We will also explain the process of the Fabric adoption journey for an organization, like yours, and the outcomes expected.

Briefing Agenda

Introduction to Microsoft Fabric

  • A brief overview of the Microsoft Fabric platform and its components.

What types of data challenges it addresses

  • We will discuss typical challenges faced by organizations in managing business analytics platforms and processes.

Fabric platform architecture

  • A high-level view of Fabric architecture that enables organizations to overcome those challenges

Fabric adoption process

  • We will step through stages of Fabric adoption for an organization and will understand the significance of each stage.

Expected maturity in enterprise data culture

  • Adoption of Fabric is as much an organizational change of data culture as adoption of new technology. We will discuss the organization’s preparedness for embarking on the fabric adoption journey. Expectations and commitments from different organization roles during the transition.

Expected outcome

  • We will share outcomes from a few of the adoptions in other business houses and expectations for your business.