Data Observability with Microsoft Fabric: 2-Hr Briefing


Mastering Data Observability with Microsoft Fabric: Unleashing the Power of Netwoven's Data Observability Approach

Microsoft Fabric provides a unified intelligent data foundation for all analytics workloads and integrates Power BI, Azure Data Factory, and the next generation of Azure Synapse to offer customers an easy-to-manage, modern analytics solution. Fabric's robust capabilities enable you to seamlessly monitor, analyze, and optimize your data ecosystem, unveiling hidden patterns and potential issues. Elevate your data-driven decisions by embracing a new era of data observability, where clarity and control converge to drive efficiency and innovation.

Embark on a transformative journey with Microsoft Fabric as your compass, guiding you through the realms of data observability. Discover Netwoven's comprehensive approach that empowers organizations to gain deep insights into their data infrastructure, ensuring transparency, reliability, and performance.


Data Discovery & Modern Analytics

Comprehensive overview of the modern cloud and hybrid data landscape

What is data observability?

Difference between data observability and Data Governance

Data Observability reduces data downtime – advantages of Fabric-integrated Approach

Data Optimization

Data Performance