Kentico Turnkey: 1-Day Implementation

netzkern AG

Kentico Turnkey is a fast time to market CMS solution based on Kentico EMS MVC. Coming with OOTB features such as a RTE, Sliders, Teasers, and GDPR ready forms that can use the personalization Engine.

Fast changing markets require flexible platforms that grow accordingly. Never ending spec-meetings hamper any effort to be agile. 80% of what business users need is standard but the remaining 20% require 80% of the budget and 120% of the time. Kentico Turnkey offers you that in 0% of the time at a competitive price with an already build in scalable model. Kentico is ready to connect additional services such as Azure Cognitive Search, Dynamics 365 or Azure CDN. We install Turnkey during a 1-day Implementation phase and teach everything from web strategy, design & build to personalization and what Azure Services may be useful for you.

Your solution is

  • A full Kentico EMS within the hour, setup by our consultants for you in your Azure Tennent
  • To start adding content immediately, learn in our optional consulting workshop how to best move forward
  • Allowing you to focus on great customer experience.
  • During the customer enablement we set up your solution, connect it to Azure Services as needed, and teach you how to create an engaging experience.

Fast Time to market

netzkern sets up Kentico Turnkey in an hour. It comes with a huge set of components you can place modular on the pages you need. No development needed. You can start designing and entering content on the day you say: “Yes”. Have a website that delivers within days, not months.

No IT worries

Start talking business, not hardware. 24/7 support for Azure and for your application is available too. Only pay for what you need, when you need it instead of paying for what you might never need. Kentico Turnkey offers you a flexible, customizable, globally scalable solution. Add Dynamics 360 or Azure CDN when you need it.

Made for Marketers

Kentico Turnkey is made for marketers. Have a great idea for a landing page, simply add the modules you want by clicking on the + sign. Edit. Publish. Done. Use Kenticos Marketing functionalities to promote your content.