Cognizant® Sustainability Accelerator - 4 Week Implementation


A comprehensive sustainability solution to capture, track, manage and report on ESG data to accelerate your ESG initiatives.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is becoming a top business priority for organizations, with investors considering ESG as one of the key factors in guiding their future investment directions. Many organizations are underprepared to meet the investor-grade ESG reporting required. According to leading market research, 3 out of 4 reporting companies are still using spreadsheets for managing sustainability data. Data Collection across departments, Data Quality Audits and Gaining Actionable Insights from reporting are posing major challenges to sustainability teams. Organizations need a platform that enables automated, high quality ESG data collection & reporting for sustainability teams, while providing actionable insights to operations.

Cognizant® Sustainability Accelerator brings together our proven Internet of Things (IoT) implementation & management experience, Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability (MCfS), Azure IoT / data platforms, and Power BI Solutions to provide customers with a comprehensive framework that enables them to meet ESG goals, this includes: seamless cross-department data collection & management, comprehensive emissions reporting, integrated analytics & dashboards, setting operational targets to meet emission reduction goals, and accelerate actions towards sustainability goals. Cognizant® Sustainability Accelerator will greatly accelerate the implementation of a flexible end-to-end solution for enterprises in various industries.

The Cognizant® Sustainability Accelerator gives a 360-degree view on the Sustainable operations in an organization as it provides both executive (Corporate level) and the operational (facility level) view, making it easier to benchmark emissions against industry standards, develop inhouse strategy and compare performance between the facilities. Cognizant® Sustainability Accelerator provides the ability to ingest different data sources (with built-in connectors for standard industry protocols) to capture energy consumption and integrates with the MCfS to calculate emissions as per configurable emission factors as defined by leading Greenhouse gas (GHG) Data Models (such as EPA, DEFRA, EEA etc). It also has flexible data model to store and calculate consumption, emission, efficiencies that enable energy balance reporting and take required actions for efficient processes; ultimately providing ability to track different projects for optimization in achieving net zero targets.

With a combination of expert sustainability advisory services, deep technical expertise, and Cognizant® Sustainability Accelerator, our highly experienced team can help any organization accelerate their sustainability initiatives and automate ESG reporting and reduction requirements.

Core deliverables covered during the 4-week Cognizant® Sustainability Accelerator are:

  • Cognizant® Sustainability Accelerator implemented on Azure
  • Establish integration with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability
  • Role-based dashboards configured for client use case
  • Business target and logic customized to address client’s sustainability strategies

The project delivery pricing will be calculated based on scope and duration that is customized according to client requirements.