FastForward for Azure Modern Data Platform

Nexer Group AB

The implementation of Nexer Insights Modern Data Platform provides a secure, future-proof environment designed for collaboration, efficient data leveraging, and low time to value.


Data is the fuel for modern businesses, with those who use it most efficiently best placed to succeed. But many companies are drowning in data, managed with disparate technologies and tools, operated by increasingly lean teams, with reduced budgets. Integrating real-time data from IoT devices and AI brings even more challenges.

Nexer Insight’s Modern Data Platform treats all your data as one unified solution giving you trusted data, structure, and principles. It provides you with total scalability while providing endless possibilities for integrations and areas of use.

Built on Azure, it’s designed for collaboration and low time-to-value delivery; you can utilise multiple data sources, including IoT, make informed decisions supported by AI, and drive better outcomes to build a brighter future for your business.

Implementation Agenda and Deliverables:

Our experts collaborate with your key stakeholders to identify promising client use cases and assess their business value to help you design, plan, deploy, and adopt a Modern Data Platform as part of your strategic approach to delivering insights and crucial data as part of a healthy data culture.

Once you’re set-up, we help you evaluate, transform, and consolidate data across multiple sources and start analysing using Azure blueprint, framework data sets, and Power BI reporting templates to deliver new insights quickly.

Some of the deliverables may include:

•. Initial workshop to discuss the options suitable for you •. Run through all the Azure Services •. Create the data platform and demonstrate the abilities •. Present the findings and recommend the next steps, which may include o. Deployed infrastructure and services in your Azure Subscription o. Services: – Azure Data Factory – Orchestration of data pipelines – Azure Databricks – Data processing – Azure Data Lake Gen 2 – Data storage – Azure Virtual Network – Isolation of traffic – Azure Key Vault – Management of secrets o. Establishment of CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps o. The services will be connected, and you will have a data platform ready to be used o. Presentation and walkthrough of the deployed platform o. Walkthrough of data storage principles and architecture o. Completion of your first Azure setup to ready your cloud data environment

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Infrastructure (Azure), Data & AI (Azure), Digital & App Innovation (Azure), Business Applications and Modern Work, we can meet our client’s transformation needs, from strategy to concept, development, and operation.

*The cost can vary depending on the scope/scale of the use cases and services selected and the number of use cases selected to investigate.