Azure Arc Enablement

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Manage your workloads anywhere by leveraging all of the great Azure capabilities you already know.

As environments and application requirements evolve, and the number of platforms increases, so does the pain of managing them all, which poses a significant challenge for organisations of all sizes.

Typical issues include:

  • The mix of management tools required for on-prem and multi-cloud slows down IT operations and increases operating costs
  • The feeling that you are not completely in control of your environments
  • Detecting and resolving outages takes too long, which could be security or availability related
  • The time and effort required to maintain consistent governance across hybrid and multi-cloud estates
  • The log management solution is either missing, or is not compliant
  • There are requirements to leverage the capabilities of Azure data services or other Azure services, but they need to be hosted on-prem
The solution

Azure Arc provides a single control-plane that brings the whole environment under a single management. This means you can use the great Azure Cloud Native tools, which include Defender for Cloud, Azure Policies, Azure Monitor, Change Tracking and Inventory, and so much more. Azure Arc can even be used to run Azure services (such as Web Apps or SQL) on your infrastructure.

If your organisation uses Windows Server 2012 or SQL Server 2012, you can even use Arc to flexibly enable Extended Security Updates.

We enable Azure Arc, so that your organisation can take advantage of all of its capabilities.
This includes deploying a landing zone extension to enable on-boarding infrastructure and services at scale, as well as actual on-boardings and services, as agreed.

Contact us to hear more about:
  • The benefits of Azure Arc
  • Arc-enabled infrastructure and services
  • How we enable Azure Arc via Infrastructure-as-code at scale
  • How Azure Arc can be used to enable Extended Security Updates