Managed Azure FinOps

Nordcloud an IBM company

Nordcloud FinOps Service isn’t just a tool or advisory; it's a service & approach that combines all elements for the perfect outcome: Optimisation, cost visibility & allocation, budgeting and forecast

Did you know that 25% of public cloud spend is wasted due to inefficient cloud cost management?

Nordclouds Managed Azure FinOps is a service where Nordcloud provides the means for you to manage cloud costs, enabling everyone to take ownership of their cloud spend supported by a central group. The Managed Azure FinOps Service deliverables cover these four key areas:

  1. Visibility & Allocation - Understand Cost drivers, allocate spend and benchmark efficiency. 100% visibility of cloud costs. Invoice processing and reconciliation, cost allocation, showback management, chargeback management & reporting
  2. Cloud Forecasting - New solution estimation, forecast management, master budget management, forecast vs actuals reconciliation
  3. Optimising the utilisation - Defining the process to ensure actions achieve goals. This includes optimisation analytics, risk + strategic planning management, optimisation tracking and reporting, cloud baseline definition, optimisation prioritisation, tracking and reporting
  4. Continuous Improvement - Measuring potential optimisations and setting goals based on strategy. Tagging policy definition, cloud FinOps usage policies & solution, on-boarding policy, cloud user forum, threshold and quota management
Managed FinOps Enterprise is an extended service suitable for large companies with brownfield FinOps. Additionally to Managed Azure FinOps, FinOps Enterprise covers:
  • Maturity assessment(s)
  • Committed savings
  • Custom PowerBI reports
  • 3rd party cost tools
  • Advisory
  • Customised training
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  • What’s included in our Managed Azure FinOps Service
  • Measurable business outcomes
  • Lessons learnt from supporting other enterprises customers
  • How you can maximise value by using our Managed Service portfolio