Managed Azure VMware Solution

Nordcloud an IBM company

With Managed VMware service, Nordcloud will keep your Azure VMware platform updated, optimised and running smoothly.

Is your business security at risk, vulnerable to downtimes and threats without proper cloud management? Don’t have professionals who can manage your VMware cloud solution?

The answer to both questions is Managed Azure VMware Solution with Nordcloud.

Nordcloud Managed Services will lift the management responsibilities from your organisation’s IT team and take care of your Azure VMware Solution so that you can focus on your core business processes. The service provides:

  • Fully managed monitoring and alerting service - for better visibility
  • Incident management - to ensure high availability
  • Azure VMware Service management - to minimise downtime
  • Cloud admin and service request management - to meet your needs and exceed expectations
Contact us for a free 1-hour briefing, to learn more about:
  • What’s included in our Managed VMware Service
  • The best way to improve your environment
  • Lessons learnt from supporting other enterprises customers
  • How you can maximise the value by using our Managed Service portfolio
  • Pricing