Managed Azure SAP

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Managed Azure SAP Basis service provides you with a scalable support capability that covers SAP environments built within Azure

Are you looking to improve the management of your SAP estate, but struggle with having access to experienced SAP experts who possess a deep knowledge & expertise of managing complex SAP systems? Does the fear of addressing existing, stable operations act as an inhibitor to change, preventing the transformation to an efficient and stable Managed SAP set-up in Azure?

The shortage of SAP expertise leads to inefficiencies, system performance issues, as well as difficulties implementing and maintaining SAP solutions. The complexity of SAP systems, resource constraints, the desire to focus on core competencies, scalability needs, risk mitigation, and cost optimization are all factors that drive the need for managed SAP services.

The solution

By leveraging Nordcloud's Managed SAP service, you can overcome these challenges and ensure that your SAP systems are effectively managed, secure, and optimised for performance, enabling you to focus on your core business objectives.

Nordcloud's Managed SAP Basis Service can be utilised as a standalone application support service or utilised together with additional Nordcloud Managed services to provide full stack management.

The Managed Azure Environments Service manages (patch, backup, monitor) the underlying infrastructure including managed operating systems and middleware. Additionally, the Managed SAP Basis Service relies on the Managed Cloud Database Service for support of 3rd party DB technology (PaaS and IaaS database server configurations) hosted within Azure. The support for in-memory databases like SAP HANA or MaxDB are also within the scope of the Managed SAP.

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