Azure Architecture Review: 2-Wk Assessment

Nortal Oy

Nortal facilitated assessment focuses on understanding the architecture of your Microsoft Azure platform. We cover all relevant areas in Azure architecture and identify potential improvement areas.

The purpose of this Nortal facilitated assessment is to obtain an understanding of the infrastructure and architecture of your Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This discovery project covers all relevant areas in Azure architecture and, based on a review, Nortal identifies improvements areas to continue your Cloud journey.

This assessment covers the following areas in your Azure platform: Azure Environments, Security & Networks, Storage & Databases, Monitoring & Logging, Compute & Containerization, Service interoperability, and infrastructure automation.

As a result of the assessment, you will receive an Azure architecture assessment report that includes a current stage overview, positive observations, and challenges & concerns of your current Azure architecture. You will also get a proposal for the next steps of your cloud journey.