APPA™ for Accelerated Azure Adoption: 4 Wk POC

Nous Infosystems Inc.

Nous APPA™ framework, is a Microsoft designated "Co-sell Ready" solution based on Azure Cloud adoption framework. It helps assess, plan, and roadmap a successful Azure cloud journey.

Nous APPA™ an Accelerated Program for Porting to Azure helps :

  • Reduce IT spend by migrating workloads to Azure (cost savings of est. 25-40%)
  • Containerize workloads (cost savings est. 45-60%)
  • Implement Azure App Services, Azure Functions (cost savings est. 65-80%)
  • Engagement Plan

    Week 1

  • Nous APPA™ – CAF workshop
  • Analysis & assessment of existing/target IT assets
  • Identify a target pilot workload for cloud adoption/migration and capture relevant information
  • Define business case for cloud adoption, priorities, processes & ROI model
  • Week 2

  • Formulate RACI matrix
  • Define pilot workload migration timelines
  • Technical architecture & perf/security baselines
  • Inventory resources for identified workload – VMs, network, apps, etc
  • Cost estimation using Azure Pricing Calculator
  • Setup/create Azure mgmt. hierarchy, naming standards, resource tags, etc
  • Week 3

  • Access policies, RBAC, etc
  • Azure security center to enforce and automate governance decisions
  • Migrate identified workload to Azure
  • Map dependencies and create network topology
  • Benchmark against prior-state performance/ security baselines
  • Test run, validate
  • Week 4

  • Integrate processes, workflows, dependencies, etc. & test run/validate
  • Demo migrated pilot workload capabilities to business
  • Cost-model recommendation for the best path to Azure adoption – PAYG, RI, EA, etc
  • Create migration/innovation plan and strategy for full migration to Azure
  • Deliverables

  • Nous APPA™ – CAF workshop
  • Technical architecture and Azure migration blueprint for selected workload
  • Business case document for Azure cloud adoption and cloud adoption framework (including tools and documentation)
  • Fully migrated workload identified for the pilot