SaaSification of your products : 1-Week Assessment

Nous Infosystems Inc.

Transition existing applications or products from traditional licensing and delivery models to using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery mode with Nous – a global leader in product engineering.

It is well-established that SaaS is the modern preferred software delivery model, 'SaaSification' of legacy products is challenging. Outsourcing software product development can help ease the burden and ensure quick and successful modernization.

Nous Infosystems is a global leader in product engineering, with over 1000 product releases under our belt. We have enabled ISVs of all sizes to outsource product engineering to our architects with extensive experience in building modern, scalable products using the latest in tech. Of late, we have been helping ISVs successfully assess and migrate legacy products to the Azure Platform as a Service using Nous' APPA™ framework

APPA™ is a Microsoft audited solution framework and can take you to any stage on the SaaS maturity model – from a hybrid deployment structure to a mature cloud multi-tenancy deployment.

To help with successful SaaSification, we recommend a short 1-week assessment of your product(s) portfolio.


  • Analyze cloud multi-tenancy implementation model fit
  • Current deployment architecture
  • Existing licensing model
  • Workload compatibility to Azure PaaS services, including Azure Functions, Kubernetes
  • High-level target architecture
  • TCO analysis


  • An assessment report clearly articulating the value proposition of a SaaS model along with associated pros and cons
  • Roadmap for overall SaaSification with projected TCO