Cloud Operational Excellence for Azure: 2-month Implementation


We drive to provide comprehensive management of your Azure infrastructure via ITIL based methodologies and industry best practices, focusing on your environments security, governance and performance.

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly adopting public cloud to become more agile, drive business value and accelerate their time-to-market. They report the benefits of the cloud help solve common challenges with increased flexibility, rapid resource provisioning, and lower costs.

This digital transformation has opened unprecedented compute power, instant access to the latest technology, and revolutionary ways to empower businesses. At the same time, this evolution has resulted in a complex environment where multiple technologies must be integrated with the legacy systems these businesses currently rely on. To effectively navigate this uncharted territory, enterprise leaders now need to have deep knowledge across cloud, hybrid and traditional technologies. They need expertise that runs the gamut of IT skills to optimize, manage and support this new digital frontier. The time it takes to build this unique blend of expertise in-house is often lengthy and cost-prohibitive. What is needed is the help of a trusted advisor and highly skilled partner who understands that business does not wait for you while you are building internal capabilities.

NTT DATA Services helps enterprises develop a cloud transformational roadmap and implement an optimized plan that incorporates our expertise across platforms, infrastructure, and datacenter consolidation. Combining this expertise with our vertical specializations, we are able to deliver business-accelerating solutions for our clients. To ensure your continued success, we offer inclusive services to manage and maintain this integrated technology landscape.

NTT DATA’s Cloud Operational Excellence solution provides comprehensive management of your Azure virtual datacenter, using a combination of ITIL® based methodologies and industry best practices. We focus on the security, governance and performance of your environment to meet your unique requirements, so you can focus on what you do best. We drive Operational Excellence, not just in your cloud, but also for your business.

Improved customer satisfaction
NTT DATA combines the power of Microsoft’s leading cloud platform with the customized management your organization requires. Enjoy the peace of mind that your infrastructure is monitored and maintained around the clock, that the latest security patches are enabled and that your network is running at peak levels. We tailor our services to the performance metrics you need, so you can focus on driving revenue and improvements across your organization.

Cost optimization
Companies can save considerable costs associated with traditional hardware investments and operating a datacenter, changing capital expenditures to operating expenses. NTT DATA helps take cost efficiencies one step further by analyzing your cloud usage to help you stay within your allotted budget. We continually assess your environment to search for opportunities to reduce costs, while improving the reliability and durability of your Azure environment.

Flexibility and Innovation
NTT DATA recognizes this is a fast-paced world. Your IT needs to support your business, rather than your business being forced to support every end of your IT. Our flexible operating model provides a wealth of benefits, such as change management, service requests, performance tuning, custom built monitors, and so much more. We leverage automation, native and integrated tools, as well as vetted standard operating procedures to resolve issues, often before they occur.

Technical services:

  • Operating Systems Administration
  • Performance Tuning & Preventative Maintenance
  • Change & Servcice Requests
  • Troubleshooting, Automation & Escalation Management
  • Network, Compute, Firewall, Backup & SQL Management
  • Cost & Performance Optimization

Free your team from time-consuming IT management and maintenance. Rely on NTT DATA to manage your Azure virtual datacenter and serve as your IT extension. With our unparalleled efficient processes, passion for automation and tooling, backed by our highly-specialized team, we can help you achieve Operational Excellence.

Operational Excellence includes the following technical services:
Operational Excellence also includes the following features to enable your business:

  • Service Delivery Executive
  • NTT DATA Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Reporting library
  • Custom-built monitors
  • 24x7 Support
  • Alert management