Secure Virtual Desktop: 1 Week Assessment

Opstack Inc

A proven solution built to assess, plan and deliver a secure Remote Desktop solution, based on Microsoft WVD through a thoughtful assessment of your identity, network and compute infrastructure

A complete Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) stack, from assessment with guidance and automation for infrastructure provisioning to ongoing user management.

Securely enable your employees to work anywhere, on your terms. Allow your people to gain access to the desktops, workspaces, systems and applications they need to do their jobs without buying costly hardware or learning new software platforms.

With OpStack’s Secure Virtual Desktop “SVD” solution, you can improve customer success by enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction, create more seamless collaboration and engage across locations and platforms while maintaining the security and integrity of your onsite network.

Secure Virtual Desktop Includes: OpStack's proven Rapid Assessment and Thoughtful Operations Checklist for secure setup SVDAdmin portal for secure and self managed WVD Azure controls to scale to thousands of users on demand.

  • Connect though Azure AD or integrated On-Prem AD Integration

  • Site-Site VPN connectivity starting with 5 physical locations

  • Built in securty with encryption at rest (Azure SSE), in transit and anti-virus (Windows Defender)

  • Automatic Azure upgrades and microsoft aplication patching

  • Proprietary 3 Tier Application Scripting and Desktop Provisioning

  • Up to 3 BYOL Windows Marketplace and Pre Built Applications (Photoshop, Quickbooks, Siemens NX, Siemens Solid Edge, CAD, Teams, Slack, Visual Studio, Chat Client etc.)

  • BYOL Microsoft365 licenses or easy access subscriptions available

  • OnGoing SVD monthly support and can be scaled up or down based on current need

  • Manage files on your secure servers and not on employees desktops back home

The OpStack professional services team is available to guide you through the set up and install. Post-deployment, the team will validate the solution and provide performance measurement of the live system.