Azure Migration: 3 weeks Proof of Concept

Payoda Technology Inc

A Proof-of-Concept to validate the feasibility and approach of your Cloud Migration Journey

Moving to the cloud may bring many advantages to your business but it also comes with its share of complexities. Workloads vary across organizations and in case of large or complex workloads it becomes necessary to test and validate the approach through a Proof-of-Concept beforehand and document learnings.

Why do we need to do a Proof-of-Concept?

The Azure Migration Proof of Concept is a coordinated approach involving appropriate stakeholders to create the groundwork for your migration. Our team will take your unique needs, identify the scope, and analyze how best to move to Azure.

What to Expect?

  • High-level architecture design, Migration Strategy for the selected workloads.
  • Targeted scan of your environment to gather vital network information on specific resources, such as storage and computing infrastructure and include a Hybrid strategy if necessary.
  • Set up the initial landing zone
  • Set up select Azure Components & Services for Security, High Availability, Monitoring, and Performance as per the scope of Proof-of-concept
  • Migrate select workloads (servers, users, databases, services, workstations, assets) as per the scope of the Proof-of-concept
  • Test Migrated workloads
  • Demonstration of Migrated workloads and infrastructure setup

Key outcomes:

Before building your virtual environment on a full-scale implementation, our 3-week PoC ensures that the right tools are in place and that the approach is validated beforehand. We use the following tools in a typical Proof of Concept activity:

  • Azure Migrate - Discovery & Server assessment, migration
  • Azure Portal and Azure TCO Calculator
  • Azure Resource Manager & Configurations, Azure CLI, Powershell

We’ll create an implementation roadmap after we verify the feasibility of the plan and document the process & lessons learned / bottlenecks during the process. The roadmap will include recommendations, insights, and guidance on implementing Azure cloud migration on a full scale.

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