Smart Buildings: 4-week Implementation


Consultancy offering to enable customers upgrade their existing buildings to smart buildings by developing software services on Azure.
Persistent Systems can help you make your existing structures smart with a software-driven approach. Smart Spaces are structures that use automation to control operations like heating, lighting, security amongst others. This helps facility managers improve the building's reliability, and performance and reduce energy usage and optimize how space is used, and completely enhance the user's experience. With this service offering, we will help customers leveraging the scalable and reliable Microsoft Azure IoT platform to address their IoT requirements, starting with analyzing the customer business requirements, design the solution. Our offering will focus on: • Decoupling hardware from Software along with cloud base IOT services can help you build smaller services that can make most operations of building smart. • The centrally controlled dashboard can help you manage your entire building from a desktop or mobile app. Our Azure Applications will be entirely based on Azure services like Digital Twin, Azure IOT Central, Azure IOT Hub, Azure Storage, Power BI, Logic Apps. Major services offered: Arrival, Departure system, Wayfinding, People counting, Lighting control, AC Control, Video analytics. Our assessment tool will capture the current IoT adoption and help draft an implementation plan from above mention Azure services. The price quoted is indicative and will vary depending upon the type and the number of functionalities to be implemented.